"Life is short and we never have too much time for gladdening the hearts of those who are traveling the journey with us."  
Amiel, Just Being Happy, 1913

Donna and Spenser... are a mother and daughter team who specialize in the Traditional Afternoon Tea Experience wherein our delicious tea meals are home-baked with the freshest ingredients and are artfully presented on three tiered trays. Guests are pampered with attentive service while conversation flows leisurely over cups of gourmet tea and tasty tea fare. 

About Miss Spenser's

We are just a short drive from the urban lights of Des Moines and only 2.5 hours from Kansas City. 


Our Philosophy

Afternoon tea traditions have been handed down through the years and we think it's one of Britain's Best Ideas!! It is a place for quiet, thoughtful communication, a respite from the hectic, every day world.

Our delicious afternoon teas are a full meal, served in small bites…an English Ceremony enjoyed at a leisure pace, where fabulous savories, sandwiches, scones, and sweets are served along with delicious tea.  Every tea tray is especially prepared with love and detail…our goal is to not only feed your physical body, but also to “feed” your “soul” as well.

It's a relaxed, comfortable environment - not stuffy. It's intimate - where feelings can be shared safely and bonds can be deepened between two hearts…a place to reconnect.