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Flavored Black Teas ~ $7.00 per 2 oz.

Christmas in a Cup ~ Christmas Spices:
Black tea flavored with Christmas spices.

4'O Clock Tea:
Black tea with orange peels, flavor and orange blossoms to add just a mild hint of Orange Flavor.

Mad Hatter's Exotic Blend:
Exotic! Black tea with cinnamon, ginger bits, cardamom, cloves and exotic spices. 

Mrs. Bennet's Fury ~ Hot Cinnamon Tea: 
Fine black tea flavored with three types of cinnamon. There is no sugar added, but with the cinnamon, it does have a bit of natural sweetness.  

Prince Edward Island Plum Tea:
A fine black/green tea blend with a zesty zing of cinnamon and ripe plums. This tea has full body and flavor that tastes well with a sweetener. Good iced or hot. Great afternoon or early evening tea. 

Rose by Any Other Name:
Delicious black tea flavored with bits of almonds, rose, cardamom and vanilla. 

Welsh Christmas Spice:
Black tea with cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and bits of ginger spices.

Flavored Fruit Teas ~ $7.00 per 2 oz.

Apricot Delight:

Black tea blended with bits of apricot and flower petals. A wonderful afternoon tea. 

Caribbean Cruise:
Black tea flavored with mango, kiwi, and raspberry. Great iced! 

Chocolate Covered Strawberry:
A delicious black tea flavored with strawberry and chocolate! 

Cottage Blend:  *Family Favorite
Black tea flavored with coconut, strawberry and kiwi…a delicious tea served black or iced. 

Long Island Strawberry ~ GREEN:
Green tea blended with Strawberry and Papaya – delicious iced! 

Squirrel Nutkin ~ GREEN:
In honor of Beatrix Potter’s tale of the Squirrel Nutkin, a lover of walnuts, this green sencha tea is flavored with walnuts, pineapple, coconut, almond, and brittle bits. 

Southern Peach Delight: 
Premium black tea with bits of peach and ginger. Great iced! 

Strawberry Kisses:
Premium black tea blended with bits of strawberry and cream. This is a full body tea with the subtle notes of a fruity flavor. Wonderful both hot or iced.

Apricot - DECAF
Black Tea with Apricot flavoring and sunflower petals. 

Black Currant - DECAF:
Black tea flavored with currant.

Dessert Teas ~ $7.00 per 2 oz.

Celebration Cupcake:
Black tea flavored with a delicious cake taste and added bits of chocolate, coconut rasps, and festive sprinkles.

Cupid's Bow:  *New*
Black tea added with chocolate bits, dried cherries, sugar crystals and festive sprinkles.

Chocolate Orange Peel:

Rich black tea with bits of cocoa, orange and cardamom.

Creamy Hazelnut: 
Black tea flavored with hazelnut. Delicious breakfast tea or dessert tea.

Frost on the Pumpkin:
A delicious black tea flavored with pumpkin spices…perfect for the holidays! 

A delicious black tea flavored with gingerbread. A delicious tea with the splash of milk and sugar.

Georgie Porgie ~ Butterscotch Toffee:
In honor of Royal Baby George, this black tea is a combination of all things British: Sticky Toffee Pudding flavorings and Butterscotch – perfect for an afternoon tie over until dinner!

Paris in a Cup ~ Créme Bruelee:
A Very flavorful cup, it's like eating a Creme Brûlée! This flavored black tea is infused with delicious flavorings that are rich and creamy. Ooo, la, la ! Great in the afternoon or as an evening dessert tea.

Take Joy ~ Black with Coconut:
A delicious black tea blended with coconut, almond and cinnamon bits.

Vanilla Cream:  *New*
Delicious black Assam tea flavored with vanilla pieces.

Willy Wonka Surprise:  *New*
A decadent black tea flavored with chocolate, macadamia nuts and coconut cream…a scrumpdilicious delight!

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*Our Teas are packed at a facility that may use nuts or nut extracts*

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