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Black Teas ~ $7.00 per 2 oz:

Miss Spenser’s Special Tea:
This Ceylon Tea has a malty flavor full of life and very smooth. World renowned for its strong bodied cup. Delicious for afternoon or served with a meal. A delight for the Ceylon enthusiast.

Basically British:
An outstanding organic Assam leaf with many tips; full-bodied.

A substantial China Keemun with a mild aromatic taste.

East Frisian Blend:
A malty tea blend with a dark copper infusion. This tea is great with rock sugar and cream; a German favorite.

A strong malty Assam; great for customers wishing to switch from coffee to tea. Processed with CTC method. (crushing-tearing-curling).

Irish Breakfast:
A premium, top quality Assam blend; full bodied with a very aromatic, malty taste.

Decaffeinated Teas ~ $7.50 per 2 oz.

Decaf Assam:

Decaffeinated; Large leaf assam.

Decaf Apricot:
Black Tea with Apricot flavoring and sunflower petals; decaffeinated.

Decaf Black Currant:
Black tea flavored with currant; decaffeinated.

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*Our Teas are packed at a facility that may use nuts or nut extracts*
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